Exhibition “Sobre o Amor / About love” – in Lisbon

Sobre o Amor / About Love
 Maria do Mar Rêgo and Lilla Szász

Opening 04.11 from 5pm to 8pm.
Galeria Imago Lisboa /// from 05.11 to 18.12
opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday, from 2.30pm to 6.30pm
Rua do Vale de Santo António, 50C – Lisbon

This exhibition was firstly shown at 2B Galeria in Budapest, opened on november the 4th 2020.

The following text was written by curator Judit Geller, in the context of the exhibition in Budapest:

About Love

‘Ascetic Life.’ ‘The Obscene Feature of Love.’ ‘Praise for Tears.’ Just a few chapters titles from the book A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes, which describes in lexical form the full range of emotions in human relationships, from encounters to expectations beyond the phases of love. In life, there are those who experience all of these emotions within a lifelong love, while others experience them in many different relationships over shorter or longer periods. Photographers Maria do Mar Rêgo and Lilla Szász met in Lisbon in 2018, where they soon discovered that they were exploring issues of the same diverse and inexhaustible subject in their series: love. The two series form two different perspectives. Maria do Mar Rêgo has been recording the development of her relationship for almost ten years. “This series started in 2011. Its beginning coincides with my installation in Berlin, motivated by a “transformative” encounter in my life. From that moment on, I never stopped trying to transcribe the emotions aroused by this love encounter. This is a praise of love, a principle that must inspire the destiny of men. The photographs that make up this set are observations of the relationships between bodies and gestures, attitudes, mannerisms, antics, expressive movements of love. An observation of day-to-day life, in which our own feeling is contagious.” – Maria writes about her series Love is not blind (2011-2014).

Lilla Szász followed the love stories of her friends between 2009-2018. „I collect relationships. I photograph

friends, family, loves, strangers. My aim is and has been, to understand what love is. What unites people? After 9 years of work, I understand that there is no single answer. The answer is that I still don’t know and I don’t think I’ll ever know. The project is as dispersed and varied as loves and relationships can be. None is like another; none is even alike. However, there are some similarities between our loves. These photographs are part of my diary and their connection is the many forms of the same feeling that unites us.” – she said about Love Stories (2009-2018).

At the 2B Gallery in Budapest, the two series will be presented in parallel but in different forms. While Maria’s photographs reflect the linearity of long-term relationships in a classic form on the wall, Lilla’s images refer to the diversity of relationships: appearing floating in the space creating an imaginative forest. The individual photos evoke the emotions they experience. ‘The Body of the Other.’ ‘Ideas for Solution.’ ‘Identities.’ ‘The Images.