New Year / Some work

New year / Some work

it was a strange 2020, however very busy.
Among the different projects, I am working on the creation of a photographic archive on the impact of Covid-19 in the Alentejo region, a commission from the Direcção Regional da Cultura do Alentejo made to four photographers from the territory. A project curated by Rui Prata,


New publications and Phenomena contest

New publications and Phenomena contest

During the months of November and December several collaborations happened and became public.

  • The project Pelas Tascas from Frame Colectivo, as a book and a memory game. In the latter are photographic reports, on these modest restaurants in danger of extinction, and articles, the result of a collaboration between 20 photographers from the city of Lisbon and 20 writers:

  • In December, PHENOMENA the exhibition opened, which began as a photography competition (for which I was a member of the jury) and became an exhibition for which I was co-curator and was open until February 2020, in Évora. Organized by the ecoVerney project of the School of Science and Technology of the University of Évora, in collaboration with the Municipality of Évora and the Regional Directorate of Culture of Alentejo, with the support of CIMAC, GESAMB, IPF , CCDRA and DELTA-Cafés.
  • Since decembre number 04 of  the fanzine Hors-Champs is available,  published by  Les atelier de Traverse in Nîmes, France.
    Ten writers wrote a text about one of the photographs from my series “Love is not blind”.


About Game – publication

A proposal on the subject: Game – Robida nº6

Among other very interesting articles, about the game, is the result of a common madness: “The Adventures of Shifting Shape Towel”

Towel folds by Gloria Binato and Maria do Mar Rêgo
Text by Sara Rêgo and title was given by Marta Alvares.


recent news

Recent news

They are already there, the first photos from the first part of the artist’s residency in Santiago de Compostela at Cuarto Pexigo, which took place in February. During the residency, I made an exhibition at the gallery-store tenda cuarto pexigo and gave a lecture at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC) invited by Fotoforum Compostela.

In the meantime, I had the privilege of being part of the jury of the Phenomena 2019 Photo Contest, an exhibition featuring the best proposals will take place in September.

And, in May, with Marine Delouvrier (artist and architect, in residence at the Casa de Velazquez for the year 2018-2019) we travelled in Spain, for what could become a four hands project: a project where toponymy and its echoes are the starting point of our visual and plastic research.

Artistic Residence in Santiago de Compostela

Artistic Residence in Santiago de Compostela

After a kind invitation from Cuarto Pexigo, in Santiago de Compostela, I will be artist in residency during February 2019.
An occasion to continue my observations on the weight of stones.

Photograph taken in Santiago, in february 2016.
Soon more news.


Artist talk Monat der Fotografie > Off Berlin 2018

Artist talk Monat der Fotografie > Off Berlin 2018
October the 14th 2018

Artist talk “European artists in residence” that I am organizing part of the Monat der Fotografie-OFF Berlin Opening Week-end. Organized by Eva Gravayat.

Malcolm Dickson
 (Street Level Photoworks Glasgow) 
and the photographers:
Doro Zinn (Residency Exchange Programm Photographic Parallels in Glasgow)
Robert Henderson (Residency Exchange Programm Photographic Parallels in Berlin)
Maria Do Mar Rego (Residencies Casa de Velázquez in Madrid and Budapest Galéria)
Stephanie Steinkopf (Residency Goethe Institut Helsinki und Helsinki International Artist Program, Finland).

After Budapest, after the Danube – back to the studio

After Budapest, after the Danube – back to the studio

I have just returned from Budapest, having spent a month watching, listening, photographing. Being attentive to all the inner echoes that I could perceive in living this majestic and decadent city.

The words of Claudius Magris in his book “Danube” were my first guide, from which I accepted all derivations and deviations.
Now, I begin the work in the studio: it is about listening and seeing all the photographic and sonorous material.

See you soon!