Cursing, Blessing

This series, titled up to this day Cursing, Blessing, opens up to new images according to a principle of composition characterized by dilation and contraction.

The rules which govern my way of photographing may serve as an introduction: a photograph taken as a constant, regular breathing; my availability to Nature, often with the single goal of answering an impulse, a voice — that is my work. A romantic, I am guided by emotion. That is how Cursing, Blessing came about, a collection of photos on luck, both good and bad, guided by the awareness that the act of taking a picture in itself, the act of standing in front of this or that is, from the beginning, an act presided by one of those two aspects.

Which force makes us be at one place and not another? What is in the field of vision invokes what is outside the field. An image also reminds me of the absence of everything that is not there, making me face the vastness of knowledge, the vastness of the unknown.