Love is not blind

2011 – 2014

This series started in 2011. Its beginning coincides with my move to Berlin, motivated by a “transforming” encounter in my life. From that moment on, I have never ceased to attempt to transcribe the emotions raised by that romantic encounter.

This is an eulogy of love, the principle that must inspire the fate of humanity.

The photos comprising this set are observations of the relations between bodies and gestures, attitudes, grimaces, jokes, movements that express love.

An observation of daily life, where our own feeling contaminates everything else.

Edition of 20 posters, A2 format

(420 mm x 594 mm), whose orientation might be portrait or landscape.

Since they are posters, these photographs may live inside as well as outside. The way in which they are organised in a wall is defined according the the space of the venue where they are shown.

The narrative sequence is at the heart of the presentation of this project.