The Weight of Stones
desde 2020

The stones are heavy with the weight of history, witnesses of things we have not lived, proofs of former days.  They are mysterious, they are time-machines.  As are the photographs !

“The Weight of Stones” is a photographic work that originates in an enthusiasm for a mineral presence, for a place, for a topography, finally, for an understanding of ancient constructions in natural space. Looking at the archaeological-photographic ensemble, an interest in the ruin is recognizable, as evidence of end of a building or its remains.
A proof of erosion by time, by water, by the human touch (think of the steps of a stone staircase).

The fact of continuing to photograph the same thing, the stones, tells about the opportunity for what we see to be continually returned to us, adding something new to our understanding of the world. We renew our gaze on that stone, that shape, that gesture. Singular and unique gestures – that whisper to us about someone who put it there. The stone that was collected and kept or the stone that was hewn and laid. Stones to be seen or adored, to support or to protect.


“The Weight of Stones” is a body of photographs always in progress, whose ideal form is a performative object composed of layers and more layers, bi-dimensional prints of three-dimensional elements intersected by “This hand” that caresses, grasps, carves and collects.

Here, we want to oppose the decline and decay of the vestige and destruction to the eternal reconstruction that has in the hand its monument.